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GH Aircon, we have at least 10 years of aircon repair and servicing experience. All our technicians are well trained & have good knowledge on a wide range of air con models (both inventor and non-inventor) from different air con manufacturers .

GH Aircon identifies that indoor fresh air is essential for healthy living. It recommends that all aircon units have to be serviced regularly.

What We Do

• Clean and wash the filters, evaporator coil
  and check the condenser unit
• Clean the drain pan and flush the drainpipe
• Run check for noise problem, electrical
  components & refrigerant system
• Lastly carry out a test run
We Can Help You In

• Commercial, industrial and residential yearly servicing
• Problem with compressor, PCB, remote control, fan
  motor and swing motor
• Chemical washing, gas stopping, water leakage and
  air con noisy
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Specialist in Air Con Servicing and Repairs For The Following Brands

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